I truly believe that this practice is the union of mind, body, and energy. Whether you want to de-stress, meditate, find mindfulness, improve flexibility, build strength, or lose weight, my classes can help you reach your goals. From your very first class through every step of your journey, I will help guide you to make sure you enjoy all the benefits of this practice.

Hi! I'm Katie!

I began my practice over 10 years ago while in college but it wasnt until I began distance running in my early 30s that I really tuned into my practice. I love yoga as an exercise practice but over the years I have come to understand it as my spiritual practice as well. My teaching focuses on the practical application of yoga  to our daily lives. Whether you want to build strength and endurance, deepen your flexibility, or find mindfullness, you can do so with my classes.  I invite you to take what you need from my classes, and leave what you don't.    I completed my RYT200 training in 2017 and began my RYT500 hour training in 2020. I plan to complete my training in spring of 2021, when I am able to return to my lovely teachers, Horace and Janel, at Nexus Yoga Institute in Nosara Costa Rica.

I'm excited to move with you!

Livestream Class

Tune into any of my yoga classes anytime from the convenience of your home. I'm livestreaming 3 days a week and can't wait to see you on your mat.


Yoga On Demand

Can't make class? Tune into any of my sessions anytime from the convenience of your home. I've curated a collection of over 50+ videos made for all levels.


Outdoor + Private Classes

When the weather is nicer, join us outside for pop-up classes in Richmond, VA. Private classes available as well in your outdoor space.



A variety of focuses and lengths

Class Descriptions


Link movement to breath while deepening focus and flexibility.

Power Flow
Vigorous pace with dynamic movements to build strength.

Slow Flow:
Self-inquiry based yoga with mostly seated poses. Extended meditation at the beginning and end of class to calm the nervous system.

Interval training to build endurance and strength. Body weight and hand weight options will be provided.

Join me on zoom

Join me for a mix of power flow, slow flow and vinyasa delivered weekly. Come engage and meet other members of the community.


can't make the live session?

I've curated a special library with diverse classes for all levels. The library will also include shorter classes and HIIT classes for those with a busy schedule or looking to build endurance.


Contact me if you you'd like to work together privately or want to say hi!

Join OUR community
You don't have to be a yogi to practice yoga. Our community practices yoga in a way thats practical and can be applied to our everyday lives. It's more than just the asana (pose) but a complete mind-body experience.